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As a condition of listing or hiring an item through Hidle you agree that you are at least 18 years of age. At Hidle we want to make sure that the site is as sharp, user friendly and responsive as possible for everyone. Listings that fall outside the listing policy rules may be removed from the site.You as the user listing an item are solely responsible for all information that you submit to Hidle and any consequences that may result from those listings. Hidle reserves the right at our sole discretion to remove or delete any content that we believe is inappropriate or breaches our Website Terms & Conditions. Hidle also reserves the right at our discretion to temporarily or permanently restrict a user's usage or refuse their registration.


Some of the reasons for listings being removed are listed below:

  1. Any listing that breaches General Hidle listing Policy.
  2. Breaches of Australian law. It is the responsibility of the user before listing on Hidle to ensure that content advertised adheres to Hidle’s listing policy as well as any applicable Australian laws
  3. There are a number of items that may not be listed on Hidle. These are These are Illegal items, substances or paraphernalia, dangerous or hazardous goods of any kind, firearms or fireworks, unregistered road items or un-roadworthy, unseaworthy or powered marine items.
  4. Listings posted in a language other than English. We only accept listings in English
  5. Listings posted from overseas: No overseas listings are accepted; Hidle is for Australian based individuals and businesses only.
  6. Listing contains external links: No external website links are allowed within your listing
  7. Inappropriate or vulgar language
  8. Inappropriate images or photos
  9. Any discriminatory listings with regard to race, religion, gender or nationality
  10. Listings that report other listings. Please report any issues directly to Hidle through  or

Hidle reserves the right to remove any listing that we feel is of no value or relevance to other Hidle community website users with or without notice to the listing user.In most cases we will email you to let you know when we have had to remove your listing. These emails sometimes get put into junk folders so please don’t forget to check for Hidle’s emails. If you believe your listing has been removed in error then please let us know by contacting us and we'll be more than happy to discuss the listing with you.

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