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The following cancellation & refund terms apply to all Hires through Hidle.


a) If a hire is cancelled by the Hirer within four (4) hours after booking (other than for same day hires, which are subject to Section (d) below), then all funds shall be returned to the Hirer apart from a $25 administration fee.
b) If a hire is cancelled by the Hirer at least five (5) business days prior to commencement of the hire period, sixty (60) days for caravans & camper-trailers and section (a) above does not apply, then all funds shall be returned to the Hirer, less a 10% of hire fee payable to Hidle.
c) If a hire is cancelled by the Hirer at least two (2) business days but less than five (5) business days, or at least fourteen (14) days but less than sixty (60) business days for caravans & camper-trailers prior to commencement of the hire period, and section (a) above does not apply, then 50% of the hire fee shall be returned to the Hirer. The Hirer shall not receive any refund of the applicable fee payable to Hidle.
d) In the event a hire is cancelled by the Hirer less than 48 hours, or less than fourteen (14) days for caravans or camper-trailers, before commencement of the hire, then the Hirer shall not be eligible for any refunds.
e) If the Owner does not deliver the asset or item at the place and time stated, then the Hirer shall be entitled to a full refund (including applicable Hidle fees), but the Owner will be charged a AU$20 administrative fee.
f) If upon delivery of the asset or item or, within the first twenty-four (24) hours of the hire period, the Hirer reasonably determines that the asset or item does not materially conform to the Owner’s description of the asset or item, then the Hirer may notify Hidle of the deficiency and request a refund.
g) If a hire must be canceled on the first day of the Hire Period due to a mechanical failure, then the Hirer will be eligible for a full refund. If a hire must be cancelled at any other time during the hire Period, then any refunds shall be calculated on a pro rata basis based on the number of days elapsed compared to the total number of days in the hire period.
h) Except as provided for in sections (a)-(g) of this Refund Policy, refunds shall only be granted after commencement of the hire period in extraordinary circumstances.
i) The Hirer and the Owner may mutually agree to shorten a Hire Period after commencement, in which case the Hirer would receive a partial refund, however the applicable Hidle fee charged to the Owner and the Hirer shall be calculated using the entire booked hire period.
j) Owner Cancellation Policy: Cancellations can have serious implications & effects on the Hirer's plans, and so accordingly, there are penalties that will be applied if the Owner cancels any hire, in accordance with the following:

1. If the Owner cancels any hire within 48 hours prior to pick up, then the Owner be charged a fee of AU$20;
2. If the Owner cancels more than one hire within a six-month period, then the Owner may be charged up to AU$20 per cancellation; and
3. Any cancellation fees will be automatically deducted from the Owner’s future payouts. If future payouts are insufficient to cover cancellation fees, then the Owner agrees to pay Hidle the cancellation fee by their preferred method within 3 business days.

k) Hidle shall determine all other refund requests in its reasonable discretion. If the Owner or the Hirer is not satisfied with Hidle’s determination, then their sole recourse shall be to seek payment or refund of fees from the Hirer or the Owner, as applicable.
(l) If the Owner or the Hirer fails to appear for scheduled delivery of the asset or item, then the parties may choose to reschedule the Hire Period rather than accept the penalties or refunds set forth above. If this occurs, then the parties must arrange such rescheduled delivery through Hidle administration & notify Hidle as soon as practicable.

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