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Cheap Equipment & Local Idle Items + Hidle = Money In Your Pocket

Hidle was launched at the end of 2017 when the founder happened upon an idea that would solve not only their own quandary with an endless array of assorted kids and family ‘stuff’ but also benefit their local Perth community

What is Hidle?

Hidle brings your idle items back to life with a share-economy philosophy.

Hidle provides a brand new, innovative classified platform for people with idle items gathering dust to hire their unused equipment to their local community. It’s free to advertise and keeps local money in local communities.

From kayaks to welders, pressure washers to freezers, even the sporting gear that suddenly doesn’t fit the kids anymore - Hidle means no more lazy layabout items gathering dust and a bit of extra cash in your pocket.

Is Hidle for You?
Kids driving you crazy? Hidle fits the bill
We deliver a classifieds platform allowing you to hire out your ‘lazy’ items to those who live or work in your community. If you’re on the hunt for something for a day or a month or you have items in good condition lying about idly in the backyard or garage ? Then Hidle is the place for you.
What our users are saying about us:

I have hired a trailer from Troy and Lisa twice now and it couldn't be any easier. I was very nervous using Hidle for the first time but Troy was very patient helping me through the process of hiring and using the website. He was helpful and responded very quickly to all my queries. The whole experience was good and the price is great - I shall definitely be using Hidle again.


Kalamunda WA


Using and ordering off of the website was so simple and took no time at all. For somebody that can’t just go and buy everything it is a very cost effective way to get things done by hiring equipment. I will definitely use Hidle over and over again! Very new and innovative idea and couldn’t speak highly enough of my experiences...




Below are some of the many businesses Hidle would like to acknowledge as having helped us realise our dream of the Hidle Platform.

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